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Created new business value through idea validation

Randstad is a global leader in the HR industry with over 4500 branches in 39 countries.

Project Type
Corporate Innovation
Product Market Fit Validation
Value Proposition Design
Rapid Prototyping
UX Strategy
UX Design
User Research
Key Outcome
85% of users took desired action
4 weeks
In collaboration with
Randstad NL Innovation Team


For decades Randstad was a recognized leader in HR recruitment services. To keep up with the ever-changing industry, they were prepared to undergo a digital transformation and explore new possibilities. Our specific goal was to validate a product idea for the untapped SME market.

Strategy and approach

Conducted user research to discover pain points and goals

As a UX Strategist, I always start by gaining an in-depth understanding of the market and user. This approach maximizes the impact on customer experience.

Through surveys, on-site and phone interviews we discovered the pains, goals, and needs of all sides — SMEs, recruiters and temporary staff. I also spent a day in the HR department, acting as a recruiter, to gain further knowledge.

Data gathered from user research
Designed a customer journey map and personas

I designed a journey map to plot out the steps an SME goes through when they have a vacancy to fill. From realizing they have a need, to searching for a candidate, to hiring someone. This provided a holistic view and uncovered key moments of frustration and satisfaction in the journey.

Table with 9 stages mapped out by UX strategist

I also created personas to help the team understand our target users and ensure we developed a service to satisfy their needs.

User persona for hotel manager outlining motivations, pains, hiring criteria
User persona for HR manager outlining motivations, pains, hiring criteria
Formulated a product idea to address user needs

As a result of all the insights gained in the research phase, we learned that cultural fit is a significant factor for SMEs. And this is why SMEs prefer to tap into their own network versus searching for candidates on job boards. We also discovered that the amount of time it takes to screen CVs is a significant pain point.

Randstad already had a huge database of qualified applicants it used internally. We thought, what if we give SMEs access to the data? What if we develop an algorithm to predict whether a candidate fits a position, based on both skills and personality?

Randstad Direct interface displayed on desktop monitor
Webpage with photos and links to three job candidates
Validated the product idea with lean experiments

Rapid prototyping is used by UX Strategists to create quick mockups for product validation. Through rapid prototyping and a series of lean experiments, we set out to uncover the truth about our hypothesis.

We learned how SMEs approach candidate searches. We tested job matching features. We gauged demand for the service. In one week, we validated one assumption and invalidated the other.

85% of employers who used the new Randstad Direct service invited the suggested candidates for an interview.


Time-saving solution for SMEs

Fully digital solution that is easy to use, fast, and affordable. The screening service saves employers time, along with the fact that CVs and job descriptions are not required.

Effective matching

85% of employers who used the service invited the suggested candidates for an interview.

Innovative match algorithm

Using big data and an advanced algorithm, candidates are matched based on cultural fit, personality traits, experience and employer wish lists.

Streamlined and improved the job screening process for SMEs

Randstad Direct homepage, first digital interim service dedicated to small businessesRandstad Direct homepage on mobile

Current status of the project

Randstad Direct is currently active in the French market, with 160,000 temporary staff in the database. As a product designer in the early stages, my efforts to validate the idea ensured we identified the right problem to solve and laid the foundation for success.

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