I was originally born in Taipei and grew up in Vancouver, where I studied interaction design at Simon Fraser University in the SIAT program.

I had a life goal to move abroad and experience different lifestyles and cultures. In 2013, I moved to Singapore and in 2015, I moved to Amsterdam.

Since 2011, I’ve been working with clients across the globe. I’ve built a portfolio of 20+ clients from 10 different countries, designing for users from over 28 countries on 5 continents.

Now, I help companies expand into new markets and develop their product strategies.

As a public speaker, I’ve had the pleasure of addressing audiences in over 20 events. I love to spread my enthusiasm for designing for users of different cultures.

Mentorship is a great way to help less experienced designers grow, but not everyone has the privilege of being in a mature design team. In 2017, I launched my own mentorship program to help designers who otherwise wouldn’t have the support of a senior.

When I’m not designing, teaching or writing, I am most likely traveling, experiencing new cultures or delivering talks or workshops in a new country. You can follow my travel adventures on Instagram.

Designed for

Babylon Health, CityFood Magazine, Crate&Barrel, Deskbookers, Domicile, Dynasource, eBuddy, Foodsters, Gimmie, Greenbook, IATSU SFU, IBM, Idefix&Company, INQUE Design, iMassage, Imonology, Indian Summer Festival Canada, InsuRebel, Konnektid, LuxExpress, Megabite Pizza, Monthly, National Bookstore, Neiman Marcus, Nugit, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Quickmail.io, Randstad, Simon Fraser University, Singtel, The Coffee Bean&Tea Leaf, TIO Young Professionals Association, Tiger Beer, Touchten Games, TravelBird, VanityTrove, Weddingful, World Dance Studio, Yippie!

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Press and interviews

Community founder

Passionate about connecting like-minded people, I founded several communities to raise awareness and to contribute to a cause. I am particularly passionate about diversity & inclusion and promoting the unconventional style of work—remote work.

Several communities that I have founded then became some of the largest communities in APAC and Europe.

Photo credit: Simon Trel
Diversity and inclusion
Ladies that UX

Ladies that UX is an award-winning global community of like-minded women that work within UX, active in 50+ cities worldwide. Our goal is to push boundaries, support each other, and promote female skill and talent.

Currently I am a global leadership team member as the EMEA Director. We develop the global community strategy and set up processes to assist chapter leaders in developing their communities and be able to achieve even more.

Remote work
Remote Taiwan

I co-founded the Remote Taiwan community in 2017 to promote the future of work—remote work and digital nomadism in Taiwan.  Remote Taiwan has now ~3K members and organises 12+ events every year.

I founded the Dribbble Singapore community in 2015 to connect with like-minded designers, share work and enjoy great company.

As an advocate of Toptal, I’ve organised Toptal meetups and co-working days in various cities around the world, from Amsterdam, Barcelona to Taipei.